StudioPress Genesis Theme -something about genesis theme

StudioPress Genesis ThemeStudiopress is a very famous premium wordpress theme company, they have create a lot popular cool wordpress templates in the past 3 years. Recently, they released a new wordpress theme: The Genesis. This is not only a theme, this is a theme framework.

What is a Theme framework?

A theme framework is a robust WordPress theme that can be utilized out of the box as is, but also easily extended with child themes and hooks. Not only do they provide a number of enhancements above a typical WordPress theme, but they also serve as a platform to build upon for additional functionality. There are some free and premium wordpress theme frameworks at present, and the most popular theme frameworks are: Headway theme,Thesis theme,Genesis and Thematic.

Then, what is Genesis theme framework

The Studiopress Genesis theme framework is built on a simple vanilla blog-type parent theme, which  can be extended with the use of child themes. And this site is run on studiopress Genesis theme framework, and use a simple clean child theme I customized. Each Genesis child theme will come with it’s own home file, which will make extending the parent theme very easy to do. It will also have it’s own functions file as well.This theme is very easy to use.

Why should we use theme framework?

Because the theme framework will allow you to create and make available a number of professionally designed themes with the ease of basing them all on one set of core files. This will make it much easier for those who use our themes.That’s why another two theme framwork Headway theme and DIY thesis theme are hot these days.You can create your own unique stylish layouts easily.

Wordpress theme framework make things easier! have designed 14 professional themes already, and they will create more.A news you should to know, all the future studio press themes will all based on Genesis Theme. They have decide to move theme which is a professional real estate wordpress theme as a child theme for Genesis.

Extending the Studio Press Genesis Theme Framework

The studiopress Genesis parent theme will serve as the foundation of all of studiopress current themes as well as new themes going forward. And they have transferred the Executive and Streamline theme to a child theme of Genesis. You’ll notice the demo site is a simple blog theme – and from there, it can be extended with the use of child themes. All child themes will include their own stylesheet, images folder, home.php file and functions.php file which will register additional widget areas and define custom post thumbnail sizes.

StudioPress Genesis Theme With Good SEO Optimization

Does this theme has good seo optimization? I know headway theme and thesis theme both have good seo fundations, Does Genesis has? You honestly can’t have a great framework unless you have great SEO built in. Unfortunately for most themes, good SEO is a complex and difficult asset to build in. Fortunately for you, Genesis lays the groundwork for excellent on-site SEO. And because it’s a framework (easy and free to update), the evolving web will be met with an evolving theme, providing you with superior SEO today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Studiopress Genesis Child Themes

Not only does the Genesis Theme Framework have very solid code, which is secure and well-written, it will also boast a child theme marketplace. While the marketplace will initially launch as invite-only, it will provide a variety of professional designs from designers across the internet. Their team are very excited about this concept and this will give their community a number of designs/layouts to choose from. The child theme marketplace will also give a Genesis user the ability to change their designs, without changing the code or platform on which they’re used to. In other words, if you enjoy all of the custom widgets and features that Genesis has, you can simply redesign your site by using another child theme.

Can I download ALL Studiopress wordpress themes FREE?

All studiopress wordpress themes are premium templates.All studiopress themes are well designed,coded. Their themes worth the price, and the price is low, even you can use the studiopress discount coupon code:TCC to get 20% off on all themes.

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